EPL Broadcast: Must-Watch Games This Season

The English Premier League is known for its exciting matches, historical rivalries, as well as world-class talent in football. Every season is filled with excitement and certain matches are a must-watch. This season will not be any different, as the lineup of matches promises high stakes, intense competition, and memorable moments. Here are the EPL games you can’t miss.


Manchester United vs. Liverpool – The North-West Derby

A Rivalry of Historic Rivalry

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool, one of the most famous fixtures in English soccer, dates back more than a century. Both teams are rich in history and have had many successes. Their encounters are always fiercely competitive.


Key Players to Watch

Manchester United : Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford are among the new signings that will be looking to have an impact.

Liverpool : Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk. The dynamic midfield trio of Thiago alcantara, Jordan Henderson, and Thiago van Dijk.

What to Expect

A game with high intensity and passionate fan support could prove pivotal in the race for the title. This fixture is a must watch as both teams are vying for supremacy.


Manchester City vs. Chelsea – The Clash of the Titans

Recent Success

Manchester City and Chelsea are two of the most dominant teams in the EPL, having won multiple titles. Their matches often feature top-tier football and tactical battles as well as individual brilliance.


Key Players to Watch

Manchester City: Kevin De Bruyne, Erling Haaland, and Phil Foden.

Chelsea N’Golo Kanté, Mason Mount and Kai Havertz.

What to Expect

This match is likely to have significant implications on the title race. Both teams have formidable squads, and both possess tactical expertise. Expect a high quality game full of drama and excitement.


Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur – The North London Derby

Local Pride

North London Derby is an event that brings together local pride and fierce rivalry. This game is a highlight for the season because of the proximity of both clubs and the long-standing rivalry between them.


Key Players to Watch

Arsenal : Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Jesus

Tottenham Hotspur Harry Kane (left), Son Heung Min, and Dejan Kulusevski.

What to Expect

Both sets of fans will create an electric atmosphere. This match can have implications that go beyond the score. It can affect morale and local bragging right.


Liverpool vs. Manchester City – The Modern Rivalry

Battle of the Best

Liverpool and Manchester City are the two main contenders in recent years for the EPL. These matches often feature some of the top football talent in the world, and are often seen as title deciders.


Key Players to Watch

Liverpool Sadi Mane, Trent Alexander Arnold and Alisson Becker.

Manchester City: Riyad Mahrez, Ruben Dias, and Ederson.

What to Expect

You can expect a tactical masterclass by Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola along with a fast-paced and high-quality game. EPL중계 is about more than just points. It’s about establishing dominance in the league.


Chelsea vs. Arsenal – The London Showdown

Capital Clash

Chelsea vs. Arsenal has captured the attention of football lovers in London and elsewhere. Both teams are rich in history and want to be the best club in London.


Key Players to Watch

Chelsea Romelu Lukaku Reece James and Jorginho

Arsenal Emile Smith Rowe (left), Kieran Tierney (right) and Thomas Partey.

What to Expect

You can expect a game filled with tactical nuances, individual brilliance and a battle to determine London’s supremacy. This fixture is often full of dramatic moments and memorable performances.

The Underdog takes on the Giant in this matchup between Manchester United and Leicester City. The Giant

Test Your Resilience

Leicester City is a formidable EPL team, capable of competing with the traditional big clubs. The match between Manchester United and Leicester City is always a test for their resilience and ambition.


Watch out for these Key Players

Leicester City : Jamie Vardy (left), James Maddison (right), and Wilfred Nididi.

Manchester United : Jadon Sancho (left), Paul Pogba (right), and Raphael Varane.

What to Expect

Expect a fiercely competitive match as Leicester City aims to upset one of football’s traditional giants. This match is a must watch due to the tenacity of both teams.


Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool: Tactical brilliance

Managers’ Duel

Managers often display tactical brilliance in the match between Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool. Both teams are strong in defense and have a lot of attacking ability. This game is sure to be a tactical battle.


Key Players to Watch

Tottenham Hotspur : Sergio Reguilon (left), Tanguy Ndombele (right), and Hugo Lloris.

Liverpool Fabinho, Diogo Jta and Joel Matip.

What to Expect

Both teams will be in a battle of strategy, trying to outwit one another. Fans can expect a thrilling match as the outcome could be determined by a few points.


Everton and Liverpool: Merseyside Derby

Local Rivalry

The Merseyside Derby between Everton vs Liverpool is a passionate fixture in English football. This game is highly anticipated because of the close proximity between the clubs, and their history of rivalry.


Key Players to Watch

Everton Richarlison Dominic Calvert Lewin and Allan.

Liverpool : Roberto Firmino (left), Andrew Robertson (right), and Jordan Henderson.

What to Expect

Expect an intensely contested game with strong emotions and high energy. Merseyside derby is a fixture that you must watch because of its intensity and unpredictable nature.



This EPL season promises to be full of exciting fixtures, which promise top-tier football and intense rivalries. These must-watch matches will provide exciting entertainment for both die-hard fans and casual viewers. They also showcase the best of English Premier League. Mark your calendars to watch the drama unfold.